The trench that was made down the neighbor’s driveway, in order to underground their utilities, was finally patched today. It was really great of the neighbor’s to allow us to move their utilities, as I’m sure it was a headache for them. On the plus side, one of the neighbor’s took advantage of the open trench down his long driveway and put a new waterline all the way to the meter. I was glad to see the trench used for more than just my goal.

On the job site, more lagging along the east wall. The east wall is within a foot of being to the proper depth. It is hard to tell how high the shoring actually is, until the workers are standing next to it. Where the workers are standing throughout most of the video is nearly 14 feet high. Only four truckloads of dirt were exported today.

Dirt export truck-load total: 167 loads.