Another day of excavation, with 28 truck loads leaving – bringing us to 97 loads of dirt that have been exported from the site… or about 1/3 of the way done. After today the excavation will be put on hold until the lagging is delivered, as we are at the 4ft maximum vertical cut that is allowed by the soil engineer without lagging. The current scheduled delivery date for the 190 pieces of lagging is June 1st, which means our neighbors will get an extended break from our noise around the Memorial Day holiday.

On an amazing side note, the electric company completed the plans for relocating our neighbors’ utilities to underground. Yeah, I know! I almost fell out of my chair too! Well, I have the plans in my hand and we can finally move forward with getting rid of the pole. Hopefully it will be gone in about two to three weeks.

Also, the Bobcat T190 left today. I’m sure we’ll see it again.