The crew seems to have adapted to the job site, as they managed to drill, drop, and fill 10 piles today. At this pace we will hopefully gain a few days on the schedule.

It’s a shame the utility pole is still in the way, as that is really the last unknown. The neighbors have been and continue to be great to us. They’ve agreed to let us upgrade their electric service panels in order to move their service drops from overhead to underground – so the utility pole will become unnecessary. One of the two neighboring houses was mechanically completed Monday and Tuesday, the other one will be done by Friday. All that will be left at that point is the remainder of the underground conduit, stucco patching, and the electric company pulling the new wires … oh, but speaking of the electric company, they still haven’t given us the underground conduit route drawings … so, we can really only patch the stucco and go back to waiting for the electric company to get back to us. Yup, its just as fun as it sounds.