Another weekend has passed and as expected, not much happened. I usually skip weekend videos because nobody wants to watch the tree branches move around in the wind, but this weekend there was a little bit of activity, so I thought I would share the video. Saturday’s activities included torching holes in about half of the I-beams (to allow them to be hoisted vertical) and the delivery of a Bobcat T190 Multi Terrain Loader (so we can move the dirt that comes off the drill without driving the neighbors crazy). Sunday’s activities included clouds moving and tree branches blowing in the wind.

On a side note, the video player that I’ve been using has been acting up – so I’m switching to a different one. You can switch to full screen by clicking the white square in the bottom right corner of the player. Once in full screen, the movie will now play in HD. Also, I’ll be going back through the last 18 posts over the next day or two to replace the video player with the new one.