The drill rig arrived today, it is a Caterpillar 315CL with a LoDril attachment (see the Equipment page for details) with a 24in auger bit that will do most of the work and a matching casing bit, just in case we manage to find the one rock within a 20 mile radius. The operator drilled three test holes along the north east corner of the lot (upper right in the video). There were no surprises in these 12ft pilot holes and the ground is holding up very nicely (no cave-ins), so hopefully the city inspector, civil engineer, and soil engineer like what they see on Monday morning and the crew can start getting the steel in the ground.

Speaking of steel, half of our 62 beams were dropped off today. I knew we had a lot, but seeing the steel sitting in the middle of the lot makes it seem like even more … and we only have half of it!