The final foundation was pulled out and the last few piles of debris are gone. So, we are down to dirt … and a utility pole. We might need to replace the wood fence you see at the bottom of the video and the white fence you see on the left of the video before grading, since the existing concrete walls along those fences are a foot or two inside the property line and don’t really have any sort of footing to give them any retaining strength. New walls were planned for later in the project, so they might just happen a bit early.

I spent about 30 minutes with some chalk marking a few top of wall (TOW) measurements for existing and planned walls, as well as some points of the new house and backyard. Come to find out the half wall along the east side of the lot (right side of video – which is also lacking a footing) starts at about 105ft ASL (above sea level). We had planned to put a second retaining wall roughly 5ft to the west and then fill between the two walls to create a planter, but the top of the planter is spec’d for 106ft ASL. This clearly isn’t going to work.

I’ll get together with my GC (Joe) and demo/shoring/excavation/concrete contractor (Jason) tomorrow to figure out a game plan. I’m sure Joe and/or Jason have already worked out a plan for this, meaning I’m just late to notice.

Assuming all the wall madness gets worked out, compaction is up next.