After meeting with Jason in the morning, the newly discovered east property wall took all of about 30 minutes to tear out.  Turns out the wall was lacking a footer, so it wasn’t holding anything in place.  Watching the video, it doesn’t look like much happened – but a lot actually did.  The east wall is gone, the basement was filled in, the remaining concrete (up to the sidewalk) was removed, and we are down to a pile of recyclable metal and the west-middle house foundation (which appears to be wood).  I’m hoping both of those will be gone tomorrow.

On a positive note, we met with our Edison planner today about the pole.  After almost three years of working with them, it looks like we should finally have Edison drawn plans in the next week or two.  These plans will allow us to finally move the neighbors off the pole, so that we can get rid of it – since leaving it in place would make it difficult to finish shoring and it would mean that we will have a utility pole in the middle of new driveway.  Both of which would be pretty bad for our project.