Turns out four houses sitting on 1/4 acre of land that is 65-70% covered in concrete takes more than a day to demo and clear.  Material has to be sorted (debris, clean concrete, bricks, recyclables, etc), loaded in to separate trucks, and taken to different places.  For example, the clean concrete goes to a crusher that will turn the concrete back in to aggregate for new batches of concrete, but the debris goes to the dump.

After having spent a few minutes in the Caterpillar 312B excavator that is making quick work of the old structures, I’m amazed with the primary operator’s skills.  He is able to swing around the 25ft arm of the 28,000lb behemoth to pick up a single wire among the debris.  I was really expected the debris to be sorted by hand, but it turns out it is all done with a 3ft x 3ft bucket.

The following video is a time-lapse of day two’s activities.  Enjoy!