After a little over four years (1,616 days – but who’s counting?) of planning, fighting with the city, public hearings, and legal battles – we have finally broken ground on our house.  Ok, to be fair we knocked down the old house, but its a start!  We had a crowd of about 20-30 neighbors watching the demolition.  I’m sure the neighborhood was happy to see the old house go.  Given that the old house was built in 1917, it was probably 40-50 years past its expiration date.

Over the next 15 (or so) months, I will be posting a daily update on the status of our house along with videos, photos, product details, and more… so, check back often!

The first video is a time-lapse of today’s demolition.  The time-lapse format seems like it will work really well for this blog until the house is dried in… at which point I will probably need to strategically place the camera each day to catch the activities.